Gorgeous fashionable clothes. For attractive men in the world. Anyone who wants to deal with this, most likely understands life. He knows a lot about it. Breathe deeply. It is our constant goal. The world is beautiful. Every day there is something new. It only remains good. It strellson. This is our heritage.


Clarity. If it was necessary to fit the whole meaning of a single word, it would be exactly it. Starting from cutting our costumes, atmosphere Kroytslingene- eg Bodensee manner and finishing work. Clarity - This is what we seek what we have is an example of how simple and in complex matters. To reach it is not easy, but it is not accidental. It arises from the property. Hardly achieved. Depending on the ratio. We strellson. We are originally from Switzerland. We create fashion for men coming their way.


Switzerland - is reliability, honesty and accuracy. Exquisite design. The highest quality requirements. It is suitable. Suitable us. Developed in Switzerland